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23 October 2016 @ 10:53 am
Is this thing on?  
/me taps the mic...

Have a photo from my ride to Sedona, Az ealier this month :)

Anyone else still "out there"?

The feral red wolf with a **** eating grincloudchaser_s on October 24th, 2016 06:42 am (UTC)
I'm still here. Just haven't had anything motorcycle related to post
Mako Vettemakovette on November 8th, 2016 05:25 am (UTC)
Did you get your Kymco(?) back on the road after you laid it down a couple of years ago?
The feral red wolf with a **** eating grincloudchaser_s on November 8th, 2016 07:42 am (UTC)
Oh yes, it was back on the road right away. I still have yet to get the crash damage fixed (wanna get balances paid off), though it is very rideable and I haven't rode it any less. I may end up replacing it with a Kymco MyRoad 300i. Twice the power, 0.9 more gas tank and the same mileage plus antilock brakes which would have prevented the May 2015 crash
goldenstalliongoldenstallion on November 7th, 2016 09:18 am (UTC)
Still here too. Rebuilding two bikes in the garage.
Mako Vettemakovette on November 8th, 2016 05:24 am (UTC)
Good to know you're out there!

Now I'm curious: what bikes are you wrenching on? Are you restoring or going for a custom pair rides like a cafe' racer or???

BikerWolfbikerwolf on November 12th, 2016 04:59 am (UTC)
I'm still here, as in "on LiveJournal in general." I just haven't checked my "Friends" feed in a while. Also, I don't have my bike anymore, and you can read the reason in my Journal update for January 2nd of this year: http://bikerwolf.livejournal.com/433006.html