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23 October 2016 @ 10:53 am
/me taps the mic...

Have a photo from my ride to Sedona, Az ealier this month :)

Anyone else still "out there"?

23 September 2015 @ 04:24 am
A wooden motorcycle that's actually mobile instead of being just a decoration

27 June 2015 @ 08:31 am
Photos of me on the Dragon. I'm in the first several and the ones after the black dualsport

For those who didn't already know, this is what caused the crash damage on the left side, it did not happen on the Dragon

The left mirror is missing because I stopped in a bad spot and the bike rolled when I dismounted, causing it to fall off the kickstand. I stuck it back on with duct tape when I got home
17 May 2015 @ 10:44 pm
How long does a helmet usually last if not involved in a serious impact?

I still have the first helmet I ever bought, from back in the spring of '12 when I first got my bike. It's still in good condition, but the outer layer is peeling off some of the padding.

How often should a helmet be replaced?
The weather was finally warm enough that I went on my first pleasure ride of the year. Took the scenic route to Sugarlands Visitor Center, from there to Cades Cove, King Mountain Road out of there to Townsend then back home.

A few photos I got

Just a few miles from my home, I got in an accident again. This time, it was someone who didn't see me. I did not hit them, but went down while braking to avoid hitting them. I got a few scrapes and a mildly hurt ankle. The scooter is still rideable, but with the damage it still had to metal parts from when someone pulled out in front of me on June 6 2012 and this new damage, it's totaled. At least it's paid for.

06 May 2015 @ 01:03 am
$8,000 worth of damage to the KLR 650. Unfortunately, it's only worth $3,100, so I have to let it go. At least I can put the $ that was for the loan and insurance payments toward another debt and I still have the scooter which is paid for
Crashed my Motorcycle tonight, I'm not badly hurt, just minor brusing and I went to work this same night. I was in the center lane, changed lanes to get around a slower vehicle, saw too late that traffic suddenly stopped, hit the brakes and did not try to swerve, but lowsided (meaning front lost traction) into the back end of another vehicle.

I was on my feet in seconds, witnesses were checking to see if I was OK and I did NOT need medical attention. My jacket and chaps prevented road rash. The front forks are certainly shot, but the bike should be repairable. That big can bolted to the left side kept my lower leg from being caught between the bike and the road. The bike is fully insured with only a $250 deductable and I have the Kymco Grand Vista 250 scooter to keep me happy until I get the KLR back.

It happened in almost the exact same spot when back on July 6 of 2012, someone pulled out in front of me, causing about $1,800 worth of damage to the scooter. I'm starting to wonder if the right lane in that spot is cursed.

Video of the crash
22 April 2015 @ 09:30 am
Just got the call from my mechanic. Pads just about gone and contaminated fluid. Cost to me will be $150. Could have been worse as discs are expensive. Can't imagine how the fluid got contaminated or how the rear pads wore faster than the front (they both were replaced 7k miles ago)
11 April 2015 @ 10:08 am
Was on my way in to work Friday night and when I went to stop for a redlight, I lightly applied the rear brake as usual to assist the front brake. I felt something pop as I pressed on the foot pedal. A short while later, I discovered that the rear brakes had lost some of their effectiveness.

Checked it out when I got home Saturday morning and the brake fluid is full. Tried bleeding the line and no air in the line. It's been only about 7k miles since the brake pads were last replaced. Anyone know what the problem might be?